A Place To Call Home

Finding affordable housing on Centrelink benefits can be a challenge.

Mitchell Park Apartments provide twenty nine units under the National Rental Affordability Scheme to supply low cost accommodation options for people on lower to mid-range incomes.

Sam found himself living in unstable accommodation twenty kilometres out of town in a caravan with shared kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities. He really wanted a place to call his own and somewhere where he could feel secure.

When one of his friends recommended Centacare Housing Sam put in an application straight away. Upon a suitable vacancy becoming available Sam was fortunate enough to secure an apartment at Mitchell Park Apartments.

“To have affordable accommodation with my own facilities is great. My living conditions have improved and I can now manage on my own. I don’t need other people to give me hand. I also now have pets which has improved my lifestyle greatly” said Sam.

“The benefits of living at Mitchell Park include being close to town instead of having to travel to my appointments, it’s much easier to get to Dr’s appointments and Centrelink.”

“It’s a good group of people who live here, we have a mix of residence from young people, families and couples and there’s a real balance to the community.”

“If someone was thinking about applying for Centacare Housing I’d say Go for it” said Sam.