In late 2015 the staff and management of Centacare commenced the process of applying for Accreditation as a White Ribbon Workplace.  Involving internal staff surveys, procedural updates, online training, White Ribbon Events and a commitment to acknowledging the impact of men’s violence towards women; the Accreditation was awarded in March 2017. Since that time, Centacare’s Board, management and staff continue to demonstrate support of the White Ribbon Workplace program, by promoting respectful relationships, gender equality and zero tolerance of all forms of violence.

The White Ribbon Workgroup is comprised of representatives from all Centacare sites and meets quarterly to discuss further training and development, promotional activities and continued work on the 2017-2020 White Ribbon Operational Plan. Information on White Ribbon Workplace is shared through the All Staff Newsletter and HR Newsletters as well as regular email updates.

All Centacare staff, whether they are in the Workgroup or not, are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions for continued improvement relation to White Ribbon activities.


The White Ribbon Workgroup hosted a morning tea on Friday, 26 July 2019 for White Ribbon Night.

Tony, our CEO, reflected on the challenges faced when controversies arise within allied organisations and programs such as White Ribbon, and the positive responses made by the Organisation and the great work being carried out by them now, both locally as well as nationally and internationally.  Tony touched on how we, at Centacare, engages with this important movement and how it aligned with our broader organisational planning.

Following Tony’s presentation, Sam from our Youth Team shared his own personal reflections.  Sam is an Ambassador for White Ribbon Australia, Committee member of White Ribbon Ballarat Inc. and active member of Centacare’s White Ribbon Work Group. Sam’s reflection called upon all present to be consciously aware of the equal ground upon which we all stand and to return to this in our daily interactions and relationships. Sam closed his presentation by providing the opportunity for those wishing to publicly take the White Ribbon oath to do so together at this meeting: I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence against women.

If you wish to take the oath, please visit  White Ribbon Australia site to take the oath.

You can access the morning tea reflection in the link below;


National Services

Police Emergency Line

1800 737 732

Relationships Australia
1300 364 277

Mensline Australia
1300 789 978

Family Relationship Advice Line
1800 050 321


Victorian Services

Women’s DV Crisis Service
1800 015 188

Victorian Sexual Assault Crisis Line
1800 806 292

Men’s Referral Service
1800 065 973

Child Protection Crisis Line
13 12 78