Assistance for parents of young people with substance abuse

Back to Family is a program for parents of young people with alcohol or substance abuse issues. The program is the result of a collaboration between workers at Centacare, headspace and Uniting who have joined forces and pooled their knowledge and resources to devise a holistic program aimed at assisting parents to understand and support their children impacted by substance abuse.

We recognise that having a child who is affected by substance abuse has a major impact on families, with parents often feeling powerless and unsure of how best to approach the situation.

This program aims cover the following topics;

  • substance abuse; what is it?
  • the effects of various drugs and /or alcohol
  • treatment options
  • an understanding of adolescent brain development
  • what drives young people to take drugs
  • an opportunity to consider repairing ruptured parent-child relationships.

It is hoped that being in the presence of other parents in similar situations will provide a supportive environment, helping to lessen the sense of isolation so often felt when experiencing such challenges within families as well as providing parents with information which may assist them to make informed choices about how they approach their parenting relationships.