Centacare NDIS makes an impact

After many years of seeking services for his son Billy who has a diagnosis of Autism, Max found himself needing to focus on his own health while trying to care for Billy. During an unexpected stay in hospital, Max was unable to care for Billy and it was decided the most appropriate solution was for Billy to reside in Specialist Disability Accommodation.

After Max returned home he was pleased to see Billy had settled well into his new home however he was aware Billy required specialist services to identify his behaviour support needs and there was room for Billy to improve his capacity to undertake activities as independently as possible.

“I was happy to see Billy settled in his home but I still felt there was a need to focus on investigating his behavioural needs, his medications and diet.”

Max made an application to the NDIS so Billy could receive appropriate funding to build his independence and achieve his goals.  After meeting the eligibility requirements, Max and Billy had a face to face planning meeting with a planner and Billy’s NDIS plan was established.  The first decision Max had to make was choosing a registered provider for the Support Coordination in Billy’s plan.  Max chose Centacare as his preferred provider and sought assistance from Centacare’s NDIS team on how to tailor services to best suit Billy’s support needs.

“With the introduction of the NDIS I now feel empowered and supported to find the services that my son needs. The stressors parents face when they have children with a disability are huge and with the extra support from Centacare my stress is reducing and I feel listened to” said Max.

“I believe people need someone to assist them and through the NDIS Centacare and my Support Coordinator have listened to me and our needs. My son’s disability also affects me and what affects me affects my son, so to have someone to support us has meant greater communication across all the services involved in Billy’s care and has improved the simplest of communication with me.”

“I feel that by having the NDIS Support Coordinator has really meant that I now have a more streamlined approach to my sons care and managing some of his difficulties, it’s amazing how helpful and easy things can be to navigate with a little extra support.”

“By engaging with Centacare NDIS services it has mean that as a parent I have been able to initiate referrals to services including psychologists and behavioural management specialists. I now feel confident in utilising the NDIS plan and know that at any time I can reconnect with Centacare if we need.”

“The Centacare team have a lot of experience and the staff genuinely care about their clients” said Max.

Centacare is currently offering Support Coordination to NDIS Participants who receive it as a funded support in their NDIS Plan.  Support Coordination assists participants, their family and supports to implement their newly funded NDIS Plan and achieve their goals. This can involve assistance to choose service providers, develop service agreements, explore community supports, link in with appropriate services, develop housing option plans and more.

If you’d like more information about the support you or someone you know could receive through Centacare NDIS Support Coordination please call (03) 5337 8999