Creating opportunities for job seekers with disabilities through AccessAbility Day

Next week on the 26-30th November, the Disability Employment Service (DES) will be taking part in AccessAbility Day. The DES team offer employment assistance for individuals with a permanent disability, injury or health condition to find and continue sustainable employment and in collaboration with AccessAbility Day Centacare will be assisting job seekers with a disability with potential employers.

AccessAbility Day is a great opportunity for jobseekers and employers to connect for the day and experience what each other have to offer. For the employer, it’s a chance to see the potential of jobseekers with a disability and the skills they can bring to the workplace. For the jobseeker, it’s a great opportunity to experience a workplace or role that aligns with their career interests.

There are 2.2 million Australians living with disabilities who are of working age, however who continue to be under-represented in the workforce. In fact, the employment rate for people with disability is almost half compared to those without disability. Senior DES Employer Consultant, Travis Preston expresses that “People with Disabilities have Abilities too and this is what AccessAbility Day is all about. Allowing jobseekers the opportunity to shadow employers for a day and show what they are able to bring to a workplace”.

Centacare employment is proud to be part of this important initiative. For more information about AccessAbility Day, visit the AccessAbility Day website at or alternatively come and speak with Travis Preston at 4-6 Peel St Nth, Ballarat.