Employment gained through Disability Employment Service

Disability Employment Services (DES), provides assistance to job seekers with a permanent disability to find desired employment. Ongoing case management, advocating on the jobseeker’s behalf, increasing skills and experience, are all outcomes expected throughout Disability Employment Service.

Stewart Lawrence, HR Coordinator at Peaches Fruit Market, an employer of a DES participant, described the employee gained as an integral part of the Peaches team, “Joshua is one of our best employees, we focus on his ability rather than the disability, he always puts in 100 percent in everything he does” he said.

Joshua, delivery driver at Peaches Fruit Market and DES participant, felt that his driving license was his biggest asset for employment, “I thought that having a license would be an easy way of getting a job. I drive and deliver produce for Peaches and I love it, it’s awesome. DES were really helpful, giving me the tools to get the job” he said.

Senior DES employer consultant, Travis Preston saw Joshua’s potential, “Joshua has been linked with us since July last year, where he transitioned from our Jobactive program. Joshua has always been outgoing and was always going to be an asset to any employer who was willing to give him a go” he said.

The support offered is tailored to the individuals needs offering participation in training, activities, work experience, assistance to gain licenses and workplace tickets to achieve aspirational career goals.

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