Everybody Needs a Home

This week is National Homelessness Week and the theme for this year is Everybody Needs a Home. Homelessness Week is held every August to raise awareness of the almost 120,000 Australians without a home every night, the issues they face, and the actions needed to help reduce the amount of people experiencing homelessness.

Reflecting on this year’s theme, a Peplow House Resident, Sam, recently shared the importance of having somewhere to call home,

“Staying at Peplow House I have had a roof over my head and have felt warm. I have appreciated being able to shower and do my washing. The support at Peplow has made me feel well and safe so I can give one hundred percent to get my life back on track”.

Peplow House provides support to men over the age of 18 who are experiencing homelessness through short-term accommodation, shelter and advocacy.

Along with the shelter at Peplow House, having ongoing support from the Support Workers has helped Sam work through concerns and focus on goals beyond Peplow,

“The staff here have helped me stay on track, I feel very supported and I trust them. I can now focus on being a dad to my children, finding a job again and finding my own home”.

Peplow house provides short-term crisis accommodation for approximately 100 adult men each year, all with differing situations and circumstances to why they are experiencing homelessness. The Support Workers work closely with each individual to help access long-term accommodation, link into the relevant support services, advocate on their behalf and ultimately, provide the support to help rebuild their lives.

For anyone experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness please contact Centacare Homelessness Services on 03 5337 8999.