Grief and Loss Managing in a Time of Adversity

When losing someone close to you whether it is a parent, friend, sibling, relative, prominent community member or a work colleague, we all deal with grief and loss in different ways. At Centacare our Counselling and Family Services teams are taking a proactive approach to responding to individuals and families experiencing grief and loss.

Centacare Family and Community Services staff participated in a one day grief and loss workshop giving them a lens to look through when working with individuals, communities and families experiencing grief. The workshop provided staff with expert advice, insights and skills in managing difficult emotional situations in a whole of community setting.

“It really is about giving us the tools to respond when death and grief has occurred. Instinctively and fundamentally we all know what to do in these situations.  However, we doubt ourselves and training like this reinforces all the work we do,” said Jenni Ryan Centacare Coordinator Pastoral Care Services.

Louise Quigley Centacare Coordinator Counselling Services said, “This increased understanding and staff experience means we can offer advice and support to individuals, groups and families around speaking with young people about death and dying, discussing the journey of grief and loss and providing education about coping with these emotions.”

Centacare can deliver outreach grief and loss sessions in community settings and also provides one on one counselling for individuals and families.