Helping Youth Offenders Get Back on Track

Interventions with Youth Offenders involved in the court system is something very few people realise Centacare does. The rehabilitation of young offenders and their continued integration into the community is what the Centacare Youth Justice team strive for.

Faced with court agreements with objectives for clients including positive socialisation, employment outcomes, independent living skills, management of anger and connecting positively with the greater community, Centacare Youth Workers support their clients through referrals and assistance to achieve their agreed court ordered service agreements.

After a long history of youth justice intervention and being placed in residential care facilities Max linked with Centacare for intervention and support. After three months of working with his Youth Worker Max was able to start rebuilding his life.

Fortunate enough to acquire a house, Max displayed self-motivation to improve his standard of living. Areas Max wanted to target were general living skills, anger management, employment and community connection.

Max’s Centacare Youth Worker has been on a journey with Max motivating him past barriers and offering support and encouragement to achieve his goals.

“It has been a privilege to work with Max. He has shown time and time again that he can prove the critical assumptions people have on his capabilities, wrong. Before involvement with youth justice Max had completed half of an apprenticeship. Since his involvement with me he has managed to gain employment as an apprentice.”

“He has also made strides in managing his anger. In the clients past, when faced with challenges he would react with verbal abuse and often damage of property. A real breakthrough day for Max was during a meeting with his housing provider. He was challenged many times and managed to stay respectful and sit out the entire meeting.” said Max’s Centacare Youth Worker.

During his involvement with Centacare, Max has not reoffended and has stayed away from socialising with negative peers. “Max’s motivation comes from not wanting to go backwards and to progress his passion for music, which he himself has acknowledged that he can’t do while affected by drugs or if he is incarcerated.  While this young man has a long road ahead he has done an amazing job with the barriers he has faced.”

“Through sheer determination Max has made his goals come to life. It has been great to witness and share Max’s achievements” said Centacare Youth Justice Worker.