Multi Agency Partnership Reaching Homeless

Basic essential items will be distributed to those in need under a partnership between Centacare Ballarat and the On Track Foundation Soup Bus.

The collaboration between On Track Foundation and Centacare will see Homelessness packs distributed from the Soup Bus. Packs include basic essential items, beanies, blankets and socks to assist people in staying warm as the temperature drops.

Working together is a multi-agency and multi organisation response to homelessness and disadvantage in the Ballarat community.

Centacare Advocacy and Homelessness Coordinator Donna Bogdanovski said the partnership reaches those in need quickly, getting assistance directly to those who are most vulnerable.

“By collaborating it allows all the homelessness services across Ballarat to provide timely interventions and better outcomes for those struggling in the community.”

“With temperatures dropping and increased pressures on people’s everyday finances we have seen demand for services increase and by providing a simple meal, a blanket, beanie or socks to keep people warm can be the difference between people becoming unwell and flooding health services.”

President of the On Track Foundation Craig Schepis said it’s donations like these that help the Soup Bus reach more people and bridge the gaps of service delivery.

“Over the last ten years all the agencies across Ballarat have been working together to provide services that meet the needs of those in need. Whether it is providing information, material aid or food these collaborations allow us all to streamline access to services and assistance.”

“The Soup Bus acts as a bridge between agency assistance and outreach support, we work hand in hand to get services to those who need them. The soup bus was created to serve that purpose,” said Craig.

For those experiencing hardship or homelessness, the Soup Bus is currently operating two venues, Ballarat Senior Citizens in Little Bridge Street – Sunday 5.30 – 8.00pm, Monday – Thursday 7.30 – 9.00pm and at the Ballarat Community centre Vickers Street Sebastopol Monday – Tuesday 7.30 – 9.00pm from July 2nd.  The Centacare Homelessness and Advocacy Team are located at 4-6 Peel Street Ballarat.