Parenting Treasure Celebrates Twenty Years

For parents seeking advice and assistance, it can be a daunting and exciting time. Within minutes of meeting Helen Diamond most parents are at ease. Helen’s compassionate, empathetic and infectious energy and positivity create a welcoming and lasting impression.

Celebrating twenty years as a Parenting Support Worker at Centacare Ballarat, Helen Diamond understands the importance of first impressions. “It’s most important to show people kindness. I really try to be kind in my interactions with everyone. When I meet someone for the first time I just listen and try to understand what’s going on for them. I try to come from a place of curiosity and non-judgement,” said Helen.

“I have stayed in the same team and the same role, with my work evolving over time. My approach to my work has evolved over the years and I hope it continues to do so in the years to come. I have had so many standout moments over the twenty years but meeting new clients and establishing positive relationship has allowed me to touch lives, offer support and bear witness to people’s circumstances.”

Known around Ballarat for her ability to bring groups and organisations together Helen has built long lasting professional relationships with CAFS, City of Ballarat’s Parent Place, Maternal and Child Health Centres and more recently Headspace working from their offices one day a week.

Acting General Manager Family and Community Services Jacinta Cook recalls one of Helen’s favourite mottos, “If you deliver service with kindness, you can’t muck it up.”

Assisting parents on their journey, Helen describes her role as the perfect fit.  “It’s a privilege to be working in this area and at Centacare, it has made me a better person. It reminds me of how I can be in my own relationships with others. There haven’t been many times when I haven’t been excited about coming to work”

“I’ve had an awful lot of support from colleagues and managers and on days when I’m being stretched mentally they are there to support me”.

Helen’s inherent ability to see the best in people has been evident in how she approaches her work and parents facing challenges. “My work reminds me we are all humans trying our hardest to do the best we can,” said Helen.