Pastoral Care Workers Dedication Shines

From assisting school communities and children manage anxiety, family separation, social issues and circumstances of grief and loss Centacare’s Pastoral Care team face a variety of challenges daily.

Centacare’s professional, dedicated and skilled team of ten Pastoral Care Workers go into 18 schools across the Diocese of Ballarat to deliver welfare and pastoral care support to children, families and school staff. They assist parents and teachers as they support their children through the many challenges and issues that may arise.

Varied in size, location and access to community services each school has a diverse population.  In many cases the Pastoral Care Worker is a link between parents and other services making referrals for specialized assistance. In many of the smaller rural areas, the Pastoral Care Worker may be the only welfare professional accessible in that locality. Giving each school community a valuable support and assistance.

The work is varied and every new day is different but with skills and knowledge, dedication and compassion our Pastoral Care Workers are embedded in the whole of school community and along with the school staff together make big and small impacts that shape and nurture children and families alike.

Jenni Ryan

Pastoral Care in Schools Coordinator