Positive Influence – Integrated Family Services

Developing positive relationships with clients is the foundation for achievement of outcomes which effect life changes for families. Family members are often unsure and unclear, as to how our Family Services Case Managers will be able to support them with the many challenges that they may be balancing.

Receiving positive feedback from clients is therefore affirmative reinforcement for Case Managers that their guidance is making a difference in the lives of parents and their family.

Centacare’s Integrated Family Services (IFS) staff assist families to strengthen relationships and parenting skills. IFS Case Manager Anna recalls her interaction with one family and how a practical and transparent approach enabled the development of a trusting relationship.

“Receiving positive feedback from my client was so rewarding. She expressed her gratitude for being able to talk freely with me without judgement. ” Previously my client had felt negative and anxious about people visiting her home, however by establishing a working relationship with my client I have been able to support her to address some of the challenges she was facing without her feeling overwhelmed” said Anna.

“My client told me how she had felt in the past about having strangers come in to her home, passing judgement and how confronting this had been. After building rapport with my client she spoke of her relief to work alongside a Case Manager who was open and honest about the changes that would make an ongoing difference for her and her family.”

“In my client words I {said it as it is} and my direct approach and transparency strengthened her motivation to improve her children’s environment” said Anna.