Senior Practitioner/Therapeutic Liaison

 In Job Vacancy
Position Title: Senior Practitioner/Therapeutic Liaison
EFT: Fulltime Ongoing
Location: Ballarat
Contact Person: Louise Hartnell, Coordinator Youth Services
Phone: 0439 257 094
Closing Date: 2nd June 2019

Job Description

The Senior Practitioner/Therapeutic Liaison role provides an enhanced response to delivering residential care that is designed to create nurturing relationships between young people and a small network of carers, in order to provide relational experiences with therapeutic intent that support young people to recover from adverse experiences of abuse, neglect and trauma. The Senior Practitioner/Therapeutic Liaison will provide assessment and casework to the resident young people, oversee the establishment of care practices with therapeutic intent, and provide overall supervision of the care home, including day-to-day guidance and support to carers and fortnightly formal supervision.