"I used to live in a house. It was scary because my step dad kept on hurting me. He used to hit me. I tried to stop him hurting my sisters. We moved to a new house, I don't have nightmares any more because I feel safe" -Through a Child's Eyes

Centacare Integrated Family Services (IFS) provide in-home support to families with children 0-18 years who may be experiencing difficulties or are at risk. The program provides families with the necessary supports to strengthen their relationships, build parenting skills and connect families with their community.

Our Support Workers provide a responsive and flexible service tailored to meet each family’s needs. IFS works with vulnerable young people and their families who are at risk of welfare concerns escalating and Child Protection becoming involved, if problems are not addressed.

Our service aims to protect children and young people, setting identified and achievable personal goals that parents and children can work towards.

Depending on each family’s needs, IFS supports may include:

Parenting skills development support
Information and advice for parents around child/adolescent development, behaviour management, developing routines, time management strategies and household budgeting.

Referral and advice
Information and links to support services in your area, suitable to your needs. This may include community activities, support groups and other specialist services.

We work with other service providers to promote the needs of families and improve their access to services.

Support Groups
Our mother goose, playgroup and numeracy and literacy groups can provide social opportunities, practical knowledge and skills development.


Referral into this program is via Child FIRST central intake. To speak with someone about referring a child or family please call Child FIRST.

Ballarat Child FIRST 1300 783 341
Mildura Child FIRST 1300 625 533

Child FIRST will undertake an assessment of each individual case and manage the intake process for all family services providers across the region. Child FIRST will identify whether Integrated Family Services is the appropriate program for the family and will allocate each case on an individual basis.

If you would like to speak with a member of our Integrated Family Services team please phone (03) 5327 7900


Central Highlands -Ballarat
Moorabool Shire
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Mallee Region 



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