Our Property Dispute Resolution (PDR) program assists separated couples and families to negotiate the division of property and finances in a neutral, impartial and cost effective manner, as an alternative to court.

Qualified practitioners assist couples to negotiate the division of assets and liabilities, taking into account each parties’ contribution to the relationship and their future financial needs.

The resolution process involves an initial intake appointment for each party and joint PDR sessions to follow. Each intake appointment will take 1.5 hours with the following sessions up to two hours. Depending on the complexity, some matters may require a number of dispute resolution sessions.

If agreement is made, a number of options for recording the division of assets can be considered, for example an informal agreement, a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) or Consent Orders approved by the court. Before any agreement is confirmed it is recommended that each party consult their solicitor.

The benefits of engaging with the Property Dispute Resolution process include:

  • A comprehensive negotiation between parties outside the court environment
  • Agreements can be formalised quicker
  • Preservation of a cooperative parenting relationship
  • Cost savings compared to court process

Essential reading before Property Dispute Resolution:

Duty of disclosure – Family Court of Australia

Your guide to prepare for your PDR session:

List of solicitors – Ballarat, Wimmera & Mildura:



Call our Ballarat office on 1300 303 988. Our receptionist will book you in for the first available phone appointment with our Duty Worker.

The Duty Worker will discuss your concerns and Property Dispute Resolution needs with you and complete some initial paperwork.

An appointment will be made for you with one of our Property Dispute Resolution Practitioners. We will post you an information pack and instructions about the initial paper work that our practitioner will need for your first appointment.

Interpreter services can be arranged if required


To make a referral on behalf of a client, phone our Duty Worker who will collect the client’s contact details and then contact the client directly.