Looking for work can involve drawing on a number of resources and networks to maximise your chance of gaining employment.

Cold Canvassing

  • Identify businesses and organisations that offer jobs in the area you would like.
  • Dress appropriately and make sure you are well presented.
  • Take a cover letter and resume with you.
  • Ask to speak with the manager or second in charge.
  • Be prepared to speak briefly about your skills, training, what you would bring to a position and why you would like the opportunity to work in their business.
  • Follow up with a phone call to refresh the manager of your conversation and reinforce your willingness to work.
  • Be realistic about your skill set and jobs you apply for.

Dealing with disappointment IF YOU don’t GET THE JOB

  • Don’t take it personally.
  • Focus on your strengths.
  • Find ways to improve –     Take a fresh look at your application
  • Look at short courses to upskill
  • Explore other training options
  • Get someone else to read you application
  • Practice your interview skills
  • Practice your cold calling skills
  • Look at job placements to gain new skills
  • Stay positive the right job is about the right fit for you as well as the business.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on your application / interview.
  • Keep applying for new opportunities.