Key Selection Criteria or Key skills and abilities form part of the recruitment process for many vacant positions. The selection criteria described in the job advert and the position description detail the personal qualities, skills, abilities, knowledge and qualification a person needs to perform the role effectively.

As part of a job application, you may be asked to formally respond to the selection criteria. This requires a separate document that addresses your ability to perform or meet each of the criteria.

Answers to the selection criteria are short statements that demonstrate how you meet the qualities, knowledge and skills being asked for. Use examples from your employment, experience gained outside work and from your formal education.

These simple steps may help you write your response to the key selection criteria.

  • Review the Key Selection Criteria and Key skills and abilities
  • Highlight any key words or phrases in the position description and job advert
  • List examples of how you meet each Key Selection Criteria – describe your relevant skills, experience, projects, training, personal qualities and expertise
  • Once you have your background information you can look at formally writing your responses into paragraph or dot point format

There are two methods that can assist in formalising your examples.


The STAR model is one way of presenting information against the section criteria. For each criteria work through the following and then use these points to form sentences.

Situation             Set the context by describing the circumstances where you used the skills or qualities and gained experience

Task                       What was your role?

Actions                 What did you do and how did you do it?

Results                 What did you achieve? What was the end result and how does it relate to the job you are applying for?



Situations           Where and when did you do something?

Action                   What action did you take and how you went about it?

Outcome             What was the result of your action?

By compiling this information you can form short paragraphs that demonstrate your experience against the requirement of the position.