Support For Victims of Crime Ph: 1300 033 818


Information and practical supports for victims of a violent crime against a person, their families or anyone affected by violent crime including family violence, sexual assault, physical assault and homicide.

Please follow the below Victims of Crime link for key information about services that are available to victims of crime and vulnerable witnesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic;

Victim Support Services Operations during coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you are a victim of a violent crime, help is available through the Victims Assistance Program (VAP). VAP will assign a Case Manager to help you manage the effects of the crime by providing you with services tailored to your needs.

This service is available for direct victims of violent crime, to those who witness, or provide assistance at the scene of a violent crime and family members of affected victims.

Victims Assistance also employs a Koori Engagement Worker who is available to provide confidential and culturally sensitive support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims of crime in the community.

Depending on each individual’s needs, the following services are available:

  • Referrals to additional support services, such as solicitors, counselling and therapeutic services
  • Assistance with information about the criminal justice system
  • Advocacy on the Victims behalf
  • Supporting the Victim in making statements to police and courts
  • Providing support at court and VOCAT hearings
  • Assisting with preparation of Victim Impact Statements and submissions to the Adult Parole Board


Clients & Practitioners

Referrals into this program are accepted directly through our Centacare Victims Assistance Program Central Contact Line
1300 033 818 (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm)

You can also access further information and support from the The Victims of Crime Helpline Phone: 1800 819 817 open seven days a week 8am – 11pm.

If you require assistance and support in regard to the Bourke Street incident please call 1300 033 818.


Centacare Victims Assistance Program (VAP) Grampians and Barwon South West, as part of a state-wide VAP service, records your information on a victims of crime database owned by the Victorian government. Your information is kept confidential in accordance with privacy laws. These laws allow for information to be shared, if it is being shared for the primary purpose it was collected for (eg. providing support to a victim of crime). This could include sharing your information with another VAP agency for the purpose of providing you with ongoing support, for example if you were to move into another region in Victoria. Your information will not be shared for any other reason without your express consent, except in circumstances as required by law, such as:

  • if there is a belief that someone’s safety is at risk
  • if there is a belief that your safety is at risk, either from yourself or someone else
  • if there is a belief that a child has been sexually abused
  • if there is a family violence risk that arises.

In circumstances where your information is shared, you will be advised wherever possible and as soon as practicable.


Laws governing the management of information about people involved in family violence, and the safety and wellbeing of children are changing.

Part 5A of the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (Vic) and Part 6A of the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005(Vic ) with their supporting regulations, permit a number of organisations to share current and previously collected information relating to family violence risk and the wellbeing or safety of children – to keep people safe and perpetrators of violence in view.

From 27 September 2018, Centacare will have a role under both schemes, along with a number of other agencies and their funded or contracted organisations.

More information about the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme, is available on the Family Safety Victoria website

More information about the Child Information Sharing Scheme is available at




Department of Justice

Department of Justice and Regulation


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