Support for parents during separation through Family Dispute Resolution

Centacare’s Family Dispute Resolution Team supports parents at any stage during the separation process.   Navigating the family law system can be overwhelming and the opportunity to talk it through with someone familiar with the process can make a difference.  Our staff can talk through the individual needs of your family and provide you with information to think through before making any decisions.

We are currently working with:

  • Parents considering separation
  • Parents wanting to know what impact separation will have on their children
  • Parents separated and currently living together
  • Parents recently separated and wanting to develop a parenting plan
  • Parents who have been separated for some time however, the needs of their children have changed.
  • Parents who have a parenting plan and wish to access our service for financial/property mediation.
  • Parents who have been advised by their solicitor to make contact with us
  • Parents who are concerned about initiating a court process
  • Grandparents, step parents or extended family members who wish to initiate contact with grandchildren, nieces, nephews or step children.

Family Relationship Centre’s were developed to provide families with the opportunity to make plans for their children in a respectful and safe environment without the tension of a court process. The wellbeing of children is central to our work and we encourage parents to reflect on what their children are experiencing, and how they can best support them.

By providing parents with the time and space to think through the future we hope they leave our service better informed and with the confidence to make decisions in the best interest of their children.

Our service operates across the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat.  We have mediators located in Mildura and Ballarat and offer an outreach service to Warrnambool and Horsham.

Over the last 8 weeks, we have also developed our online capacity and are now looking forward to working with families who may have been limited by distance in the past. Wherever you live, we encourage you to make contact and discuss the options available to you.

Whilst we do have sliding scale fee schedule, we don’t allow finances to limit access to our service. In particular, we will ensure any issues of safety or financial stress do not limit your opportunity to work with us.

Our mediators also facilitate property matters with anyone wishing to do so.  You don’t have to be a parent to access this service

If you or someone you are in contact with would like to talk further please call our center on 5327 7900 and ask to speak with a mediator.

Jacinta Cook
Program Manager
Family & Community Services