The positive ripple effect of NILS

Rod is 50 years old and currently on a disability support pension.  Rod urgently needed a new washing machine and dryer as his appliances were no longer working and was referred to Centacare NILS by Uniting.

Rod was anxious about coming in for his loan interview as he didn’t feel comfortable talking to people he didn’t know. However as soon as Rod came into Centacare the Reception staff made him feel welcome and this helped calm his nervousness.

Rod describes his appointment with the NILS team. “The Support Worker was excellent.  She was very friendly, had a bubbly personality and immediately made me feel at ease.   The loan process was explained in detail and after discussions with the NILS Support Worker I decided to add a small chest freezer to my loan application”.

Rod’s loan was approved and he is now a few months into the repayments.  Rod has learned to save money and he is even looking after his health a lot better, eating healthier and is looking forward to buying some fitness equipment.

When asked about Centacare Rod replied “they are extremely helpful, treated me with respect, and were always friendly”.

I would absolutely recommend NILS to others. There is a little bit of work to get all the paperwork that is needed but it is definitely worth it.  Having the loan has certainly made life a lot easier” Rod said.