To live with dignity and respect

Seeking assistance when you’re frail, vulnerable and isolated can be difficult for anyone, let alone aged people experiencing difficulties.

The work of Centacare Housing Support for the Aged (HSA) provides intensive case management to support those who are highly vulnerable and living in public housing, to maintain their tenancies and independence.  Working alongside clients experiencing frustration and with nowhere else to go the HSA team implement positive supports to empower their clients.

Recently Lisa, a Housing Support for the Aged Case Worker, conducted an assessment with an older woman, Kathleen, who had a diagnosis of cancer and was struggling to pay her rent, essential bills and afford medications. The assessment addressed how Centacare could best support Kathleen to address the range of challenges she was facing.

With mobility and nutrition key concerns for Kathleen she expressed her despair, “I can’t afford to buy good vegetables, meat and dairy products after paying for my medication, taxi fares, bills and rent,” said Kathleen.

Lisa was able to discuss support options with Kathleen and described her client’s reaction to the offer of support. “I spoke to Kathleen about all the supports we could offer through the HSA program. Kathleen sat still and quiet for just a minute, she then broke into tears. She was so grateful for receiving help and that finally some of her struggles may ease.”

“As a Case Worker I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to support Kathleen and other frail community members who struggle to maintain their independence and quality of life at times when they are most vulnerable.”

“This is why I do this work. My clients are vulnerable and sometimes need a little support to live their lives with dignity and respect,” said Lisa Centacare Housing Support for the Aged Case Worker