Work for the Dole recommences

The recommencement of the Work for the Dole (WFD) program was celebrated over a BBQ lunch on Thursday 4 February, those involved within the program shared the project currently being undertaken at the Ballarat New Cemetery with guests.

Restoration of the two entrance archways to the Chinese block of the cemetery is the latest project for the WFD group. Who together, will repair, repaint and reestablish the significant archways to their former glory in the coming weeks.

Working together to complete WFD projects, allows the job seekers to engage in activities, learn new skills, accomplish goals, meet new people and make contacts who could become referees.

Along with preparing job seekers for employment, the program also allows the job seekers to give back to the community throughout completing various projects. Some of the previous projects completed by the WFD group include walkways, paving, bench seats and tables at the tranquil Birdsong Walk located in the New Ballarat Cemetery and a memorial garden at the Old Ballarat Cemetery, all of which are spaces for the community to visit and reflect, due to the work achieved by the WFD program.